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Latest Entry: 15 Mintues of Fame


They say everyone gets at least 15 minutes of fame in their lifetime. Here's my total to-date.

1 minute (Middle School): my picture and some artwork appeared in The Toronto Star after I won their weekly cartoon contest for kids

30 seconds (High School): I was pictured in The Etobicoke Guardian performing a welding demonstration at a local shopping mall (this doesn't count for a full minute because a welding mask covered my face in the picture)

1 minute (University): I was pictured in The Toronto Star again, this time they caught me with my arm dyed purple, pants rolled up, and wearing a yellow hard hat as I waded through a fountain in front of Toronto City Hall during a University of Toronto Engineering hazing ritual

Yesterday a couple of minutes were added to that total when I was featured in Oracle's Innovation Showcase. As part of our 100-day countdown to Oracle OpenWorld Oracle is posting interviews with 100 of its top innovators. I was "Innovator of the Day" this past Friday, though I'm still listed there today too for some reason. I guess if you're lucky enough to be picked on a Friday then you become "Innovator of the Weekend" by default. You can find the full interview at this link, where it will reside even after my visage fades from the spotlight of the main showcase page.

So let's see, that leaves me with 10 minutes and 30 seconds of future fame left. I wonder what The Toronto Star will catch me doing next?

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