Rows to String


Run the code on this page to drop the sample tables, procedures, etc. created in earlier parts of this section. To clear session state changes (e.g. those made by SET, COLUMN, and VARIABLE commands) exit your SQL*Plus session after running these cleanup commands.

Be sure to read Using SQL Snippets ™ before executing any of these setup steps.

-- These objects are created in certain tutorials in this
-- section (not the Setup section).
-- If you did not execute the code in those tutorials then some of
-- the following "drop" commands will report
--   "ORA-04043: object ... does not exist"
-- errors. You can ignore these errors.

drop function nested_table_to_csv     ;
drop function csv_to_nested_table     ;
drop function csv_num_to_nested_table ;
drop function stragg                  ;

drop type stragg_type ;

-- These objects were all created with code from the Setup section.

drop type varchar2_table_type ;

drop table t ;
drop table t2 ;
drop table t_group_keys ;

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